FAQ - What you should know

Pickup & Delivery information for spa / hot tub / Jacuzzi

1. Drain Spa:

A standard spa / hot tub / Jacuzzi can weigh up to 1200 pounds when completely empty. Filled, that same unit can weigh an extra 2 tons. Draining your spa is easy but can take several hours so it must be done 24 hours prior to the appointment to move your spa / hot tub / Jacuzzi. Your tub will have a drain that connects to a garden hose. Pull the drain plug, connect your hose and gravity will help drain the water till empty. We can not move a spa / hot tub / Jacuzzi until completly drained.

2. Disconnect Power:

Some small spas simply plug in to a standard 110v outlet. Most spas and hot tubs, however, are hard wired into a special 220v connection. Disconnecting a spa that is hard wired requires an electrician. We are not electricians and cannot do that for you. However, if you let us know in advance that you need help disconnecting your power, we can recommend an electrician in your area or make arrangements to have it disconnected for you. We may not be able to move your spa / hot tub / Jacuzzi if it is not disconnected from power.

3. Clear Access:

In order to move a spa from the truck into a yard, we tip the spa on its side and place it on a special spa dolly. This dolly allows us to maneuver the spa into position as long as we have a path into the back yard and proper clearance through gates and overhead. The path into the back yard needs to be a fairly straight shot especially through the gate. We need to be almost completely past an obstruction before beginning a turn with the dolly. Take special note of gas meters, hose bibs, AC units, swimming pool, steps and elevated concrete pads, sloping hills, planters, shrubs, trees and boulders. Anything that obstructs or hinders our ability to maneuver the spa dolly into the back yard needs to be noted and moved prior to our arrival. If we do not have clear access we may need to schedule a crane. (See Crane Service info below)

4. Overhead Access:

In order to determine overhead access, we need to know how tall the spa will be on its side and then simply add another foot to the height. For example, an 8’ x 8’ spa would need at least 9’ of clearance under roof eves, tree branches and any other overhead obstruction. Patio roofs can be a problem if the spa must pass under the patio roof to get into the back yard. Please make special note of ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures when measuring overhead clearance under a patio roof.

5. Side Access:

With the spa tipped on its side, we need access and a pretty straight shot through gates and around shrubs and boulders. The gate opening must be at least 2” wider than the widest part of the spa still in its packaging. For example, a gate opening of at least 38” is needed for a spa 36” wide. *Keep in mind some gates will have a latch pin that protrudes an additional 3 or 4 inches, or gate hinges that protrude and inch or so, into the gate opening. Please take latch pins and hinges into consideration when measuring the actual width of the gate opening.

6. Placement Access:

The customer is responsible for preparing and leveling the spot or pad where the spa is to be placed and we need clear access to that spot. The turning radius of the dolly is very good and we can roll over some decorative cement curbs and other lesser obstacles, but we still need a clear path around pools, shrubs, boulders, sloping hills, and other landscape features that may prove to be obstacles as mentioned above. There must also be enough room and overhead access to lay the tub down. Placing a spa in a sunroom, gazebo or patio requires enough overhead and between-wall access to lay it down from the dolly.

7. Crane Service:

If access through the yard simply is not possible, and it has been determined that a crane is necessary, measuring correctly is critical. (Using a crane will also add to the cost of your move. Please call us if you have questions.) The crane we typically hire can reach 90′ over a 1 story home and approximately 70′ over a 2 story home. This distance is measured from where the crane is able to park, i.e. driveway, front yard, etc., to the middle of the spa. Check for overhead power lines. The crane requires a minimum 10′ clearance from power lines in any direction. If a larger crane is needed for any reason, costs increase considerably. *Please note that all spas larger than 8’ x 8’ will be craned in.

8. Old Spas:

Because space on the trailer is limited, please let us know in advance of a spa delivery if the customer has an old spa that needs to be hauled away. We can do that for an additional fee, but based on the other scheduled spa moves that day we need to make sure we have enough space on the trailer to haul away the old spa.

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